Hello dear

Hello? Oh dear. Oh well, I’ll leave a message. Hello dear. You know I always love your presents, they’re always so thoughtful. That time you printed out that album of photos from my phone. I could never have done that on my own. Write Your Own Will – that was a useful book – all done now! But you know that. This year though I’m confused. Should I press this big red button on the clock? 

published on www.paragraphplanet.com 27 December 2023

He read the paragraph again

He read the paragraph again. And again, this time mouthing the words as he read. No, it could not be. But it is, said the voice. A cold dread touched his neck like the fingers of a dead man. He could not look round. He heard the shuffling sliding dusty sound move closer. His eyes rolled white and his teeth clamped tight on his tongue. The sound was near enough to touch and the voice…