I see sunflowers

I see sunflowers and I know you will return from the dark
your smile is the welcome of the open door

your voice calms the waves that surge in my heart
breathing in stars fails my spirit no more

the warmth in my belly and I feel no fear
your hand on my shoulder and my home is here

Written by U and me for K

I feel vincible

I feel vincible this morning

waves crash

my heart and breath come quicker

then I remember

or am reminded

that I am a tiger

a star in the night

whose light never dies

then I remember

that I am a tiger

Your words burned

Your words burned.
“We need to talk” scorched,
“It’s not you” set my blood to seethe
all those words about finding yourself
were fiery nails through my heart.
One day I hope
a “maybe”, “perhaps another try”
will extinguish flames and salve again the steaming wounds.