March 19th

Between the clouds pales the sun’s snow-washed face
J turns to catch his shadow but it’s gone
His father left the village on St. Joseph’s Day
Across the mountains he walked and the sea held him close

Goodbye to my father, goodbye as the days grow
One day I will follow, go with you to the sea

Hipster beard

I grew a beard to be a hipster. But it was silvery grey, almost invisible. Someone said ‘broken hipster’, another ‘chipped hipster’. A third said a chip dipster sounded like someone who taste-tested ketchup for a living. So the beard went the next day. I sometimes miss it when I muse.


are you wakening
stirring turning
from your dreams

as the light flows
as your freedom grows
as your time begins

I am evening
cool moon shining
soft eyes close

are you wakening
stirring turning
in my dreams

Dragon 2

This week I have been a dragon, fire breathing.
My scales are supple,
my wings unfolded wipe men from horses.
I curve back my neck and roar smoke and cinders.

And in the story I am a hero,
I use my flames to fight good fights
and hold out in dragonly hope.
This week I have been a dragon
and that is how I am.