24 December

The cat sits on my lap and watches me typing. Every now and again he raises a paw, half-ready to strike at the screen or my hands, but never does. His chest and his belly vibrate; he has happiness for both of us. The ending of my story curves away from its original destination.

Inspired by Francis

Running early morning

  • The sun is up.
  • The runner is running.
  • The cat is clawing open the plastic rubbish bag on the pavement.
  • The runner claps and calls out.
  • The cat darts into the road.
  • The motorcyclist swerves to avoid the cat.
  • The runner jumps onto the pavement to avoid the motorcyclist.
  • The runner slips on the fishguts the cat had been rummaging through.
  • The runner sits with a thump in a puddle of fishguts.
  • The cat licks a paw and walks away.
  • The cat does not look back.