lighten my darkness

Sunrise there, way over there,
Way over beyond where the earth bends its shoulder
To see where the morning might come from

Sunrise that colour, the colour of that flower,
That flower, oh you know it,
That flower whose heads hang on the sunken green footways
Where carts used to trundle

And the cumulonimbus, the clouds that a child drew,
The clouds of a fluffy-inked ankle tattoo,
They now frame the distance of soon silver linings

And the sunrise lightens my darkness.

today the sun is shining

today the sun is shining
and today that is important

today the birds are singing
and today that is important

today there are children laughing
and today that is important

we never know when the world may fall
or our world may fall apart
but if there is sun and song and children laughing
I know there will always be hope

For GiĆ², 1959-2020