Put me out to stud

“Put me out to stud! I said – oh for Silver’s sake, get your hands out of my mouth. How am I supposed to be a man whisperer if you won’t let me whisper. I know you’re nearly bankrupt but you can afford me. Buy me and put me out to stud. The whispering ponies will be worth their weight in gold.”

Jeb let go of the horse and scratched his head. He had a strange feeling that if he bought this horse all his money worries would simply disappear. And he wouldn’t use him in the field. He would breed from him and sell the ponies.

“What have you done? We’ll be ruined!”
“Don’t worry Mother, the ponies will save us.”

Unfortunately, a year later his mother was proved right and the bank took their farm. In the warm stable the tired yet happy Man Whisperer planned his next move.

Also posted at http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/flash-friday-vol-2-46/ 24 October 2014