You had written my name

I saw you had written my name in the back of your book and fell to thinking stories about it. Was this the tale of how, after days and nights and months and years, you found your way to your only true love? Was it a permanent reminder of how the universe had fore-written our lives, how the or the way had found you?Was it just one of many examples of how you left my name everywhere, signing your path through the world?

With a needle and a pen I scratched your name beneath my skin and wore long sleeves to catch the blood.

Yesterday I saw your book left open at my name page but my name had been written in pencil and now only its shadow remained.

My arm itched and my eyes prickled. The afternoon and evening and long night passed somehow and now I write new stories.

The secret of the longlasted love

The secret of the longlasted love is known
in its fiery potential
by the young and the breathless and sweet

I could warn you of its future
but perhaps
you would not believe me

The secret of the longlasted love is known
in the mid age
in the touch and go and stay

I could write you a letter or some lines
but perhaps
you would not want to read me

The secret of the longlasted love is known
only to the old
when the memories and razored caresses have scarred

I could tell you the history of it
but perhaps
you would remember
how everything was different

I fell in love with a Halloween pumpkin

I fell in love with a Halloween pumpkin;
its candle-like soul shone out through its eyes.
I stayed in love with my Halloween pumpkin;
although its head started to shrivel and dry.
I fell out of love with the Halloween pumpkin;
I had a new pal and his name was Guy.
I went back to my Halloween pumpkin;
because I can’t bear to see a grown squash cry.

I see sunflowers

I see sunflowers and I know you will return from the dark
your smile is the welcome of the open door

your voice calms the waves that surge in my heart
breathing in stars fails my spirit no more

the warmth in my belly and I feel no fear
your hand on my shoulder and my home is here

Written by U and me for K