What did we do?

What did we do?

(the physical)
(the thoughtful)
(the spiritual)
(the self)

we saw through the sadness
a single diamond in the silence

reflection connection direction
community solidarity

we saw who we are and the people we can be
we brought the different together
and we worked and we worked
and we did what we could for one another

simplicity clarity creativity
feeling healing

we understood as much as we could do
we did all the new that we could
we sensed the taste of the great outdoors
and we fell in love with the world

(the physical)
(the thoughtful)
(the spiritual)
(the self)

First published on the National Galleries of Scotland website December 2020

Idea, words and image by US.

What did we do? We wanted something good to come from 2020 so we:

  • asked friends and strangers for positive words from 2020
  • turned the words into an image
  • grouped the words into thoughts and
  • turned the thoughts into other words (the poem).

Thank you to every one who helped.

The two grey men sitting

The two grey men sitting on the park bench
look away from one another
across the scuffled snow.
Both have hats, neither wears gloves.
Scarves are tucked into overcoats.

Their hands must be cold
and their feet too in the thin leather shoes.

Then they turn and look towards each other;
their eyes smile
and their fingers touch.
The ice-blue air is suddenly less bitter.

Tomorrow they will be here again.