First day back in the office

First day back in the office. Drifts of unwanted high-calorie gifts pile up in the kitchen. A thin Mexican wave of coughing sweeps across the open-plan office; when it reaches the meeting room door there is an expectant silence as people wonder if it will gain admittance. A second or two later than expected, they hear that it has. People smile quietly and drop tissues in the bin. Darren is still wearing his antlers.

The turning

The turning of a month, the turning of a year.
A birthday ticking over from nine to none.
The turning of a page, an opening,
Even at the end of the book.

A new chapter, a new story.
The turning of the year, the turning of your year.
The turning of a page begins a new story.
The turning of a year begins new life.

Year of blood, year of ice

The year of blood stretched its weary limbs. Clots dripped in the half-light.

The new year of ice bared its teeth. They are mine now, the wind whistled. And they have done it all themselves.

But in one corner, one quiet corner, the green and yellow nestled. It would take time, a long time, and human touch and heat, but the blood and the winter would come to an end. That time was coming. Hope could be felt.

New Year

New, new, new.
Dreams are new and memories.
Time flew through the year
and here is another.

A time for renewal
like no other before
but more days should be so.
Chances we need to make and share.

New, new and not so new.
Do. Or don’t do.
Now your world is quiet or should be.
Slow down how time flew.

The old year did not feel old

The old year did not feel old. It was barely in its stride. It was still young enough to want to leave. It was not old enough to know of the dangers.

The mother said Go, go now, with the wind and the snow in your face, go now, look forward, always look forward. And I, I remain, you in my heart.

The child looked at her as if she were from another time and place. The child looked at its feet and felt its own thin-stringed arms then said it would go. Now. It was its turn.

The new year was inexperienced. The new year was green below the white. The new year knew though. The new year knew.