Three pieces about the shortest and longest days (2 by me, 1 by Karina Brink)

The shortest day beckons sunlight.
The darkest night is before the dawn.
The path ahead may be through the shadows
but even this will pass.


The longest day brings an abundance of light.
Banishes all darkness & shadows.
At night, short & sweet:
Only dreams
Of hope.


Dreams of colour, splintered light.
The darkness behind the mirror leaves us with the shortest night.
And hope slow burns.

Honoured to share a page with Karina Brink @KarinaMSzczurek 

Paper (paragraph 1)

Joe’s new editor tapped the lump of glass on his desk, his he-thought clever way of saying the paper could not wait. Suddenly he threw it against the wall by Joe’s shoulder, where it cracked and crashed and smashed into pieces, spilling out its soon-dulled corals. He looked at Joe’s face, the glass on the floor then leaned down and took an identical paperweight out of his drawer. It would be a long night.