I fell while running

I fell while running, thinking of elsewhere, distracted.
Flies were heavy, slow and black.
Blood flicked as I waved them away.

I held the pain; it was mine.

Changing tack (this is how distraction manifests)
I know one day, elsewhere, your heart will break
as all hearts break.

Your pain will be yours
but not yours alone.
It will not break you; nothing can.

My heart is untouched

My eyes may cry hot salt but my heart is untouched. My head may ache from competing strategies, my arms may ache from comforting strangers, but my heart is untouched. My heart is untouched and my heart is mine. I can feel it untouched and I can share it with others. My heart is mine, my heart is untouched. My heart is for everyone; my heart is for you.