I don’t understand what this scam is but I think it must be

See the dog? Yeah, watch the dog. Watch the dog… watch the doggy… don’t look at the bag. What bag? Oh yes, very good, what bag, there’s no bag there. Just watch the dog…. See him? Yes, he does look heavy, you’re right but just wait a moment – don’t look at the bag, there is no bag there. The bag has gone. Just focus on the dog. Focus on Dougie, focus – yes, that’s his name. Or that’s the name he answers to rather. Who knows what his dog name would be? But he answers to Dougie so maybe that’s his name. No, not Baggie. Hahaha. Dougie. Did you see how his ear twitched then? Just when I said his name. OK. I was getting a little distracted there. Let me sum up and begin. Dougie’s the dog and there is no bag there. Now, can you all put your hand in your purse or your pocket….

Inspired by a photo by Trish Malley @trishsky http://www.broaddaylightltd.co.uk/tricias-stuff-1/   (fourth photo from left)


The scam

Jon was irate. “It’s a scam, I bet you. How stupid can people be? There’s something behind it. I’m sure I read about this. Some people say that Hemingway wrote it, others have researched it and say he certainly didn’t. So why’s it on the evening news website now? It’ll be someone trying to set up a sweet little scam – they’ll say they are crowdfunding for baby shoes for the workshy or writing flash fiction for charity or something like that and who knows where all the money will go? ‘After costs’, that’s what it’ll say, I bet you. For sale baby shoes (never worn). People are stupid.” He carries on, but Sophie isn’t listening any more. Behind him, silent tears stream down her face.


First published in For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never worn: A Collection of Flash Fiction Based on A Single Theme Buy it on Amazon here All royalties from sales of this book are to be donated to Make-A-Wish® UK Charity Registration Nos. (England & Wales) 295672 / (Scotland) SC037479