Mix tape

By the time I had decided what songs to put on the cassette mixtape, they were all already classics. I did not want to appear too wedded to the past, so I thought again. By the time I had newly finalised my choices, you had told me about your new CD player. I had to save up for months. And by then there were even more songs that said exactly what I wanted to tell you. I thought again, perhaps for too long. Well, definitely for too long, we both know that. Or I know that, and you would too if I had made the mixtape. The songs are still here in my heart.


Where is castle?
Where’s the castle you mean.
Sorry, mean?
Where’s the castle.
Yes, castle where is?
No. Where is THE castle?
I don’t know. Where?
There, look. It’s there on the volcano. It’s the Queen’s. Look at the flag.
Why you let unelected unaccountable monarchy rule over you?

Board games

People did not notice when the owners of Cluedo bought the owners of Ludo and were then bought by the owners of Udo. Business was less interesting than board games. But they noticed, though too late, when the owners of Monopoly bought all of the others – which then suddenly disappeared.