we were one soul

we were one soul
until the hissing blade of birth
split us one away the other

years passed

and then

in a noisy club
with spinning lights and sticky floors
I saw you
and saw the stars

and so see now
we are once again together
the forever long before us now

How to clean a window to a soul

To clear a window to a soul is not easy but
here is a way

First find the right soft duster
breathe softly on the cloth from the heart
and tentatively, watchfully, carefully
begin to polish away corrosion

The cloth can catch
and leave threads of itself
but with love and hope and perhaps thousands of tears
the rust on the soul window will clear

An ex-lover, later, left me this

I experiment on you when you are sleeping. Gently I squeeze your earlobe. Your breath does not speed or falter. Rise. Fall.

Finger-soft I stroke the almost hair on the nape of your neck. Your shoulders twitch and settle. Relax now.

My hand rests on the curve of your stomach. Slowly I reach through your skin and up, behind your ribs. My fingers find your soul and, softly again, I fold over a silver corner. The edges blacken and stick. You will never know why you feel tarnished on days the sun shines.