Time, time itself

Puny mortal! You wish to change the very parameters of Time itself? There are things in this version of your multiverse that your feeble brain could never comprehend! Time is never ending, no beginning, no finality. You cannot change the course of Time. You are no Dark Lord.

[sigh] So shall I try turning the desktop on and off again?

Yes, try that, and if that doesn’t work, just pop in a support request. Have a good day!

At first

At first, then, everything was good.
You know how it is.
After the first doubtful unsureness
The awakening the unfolding
The relaxing and allowing.
You know how it feels.

But then later, perhaps one morning or night,
One weekend or absence, something happened
Or was felt to have been.
You know what it could be.
You remember.

Was it one or the other?
It does not matter you know.
The hairline crack of the heart never heals.
What? Time heals?
No, no it does not.
Time covers.

Time covers.