I dreamt we were asleep together

I dreamt of you last night. Perhaps
that is too much inappropriate

but I did. The fact is there.
I dreamt of you
and promised you a story
in my dream.

I dreamt we were asleep together
and in my dream
I dreamt of you. I dreamt
a story
that held us together until
the very end.

Its narrative was loose and
shaky and there were
twists and turns
that I could not quite follow
and cannot now recall.

But the dream was a story
and the story a dream
and we were together
and that is the end.

Tell me a story

Daddy, tell me the story of the ninja horse.”

“I don’t know that one.”

“The princess, the sword and the unicorn.”

“Or that one.”

“Mummy knows them.”

“Clever Mummy. What about the one where Jack’s beans talk?”


“The one where poor little Nick never gets chosen but one day the teddy bears pick Nick?”

“OK. But only if they live happily ever after. And together.”


“I like together.”