You should eat more

“I often feel sad. I want to be happier.”
“You should eat more lobster.”
(Sponsored by the Lobster Marketing Board)

“I ate more lobster and I’m less unhappy. But still a little unhappy.”
“Try smiling even when you don’t really feel like it.”

“I’ve tried smiling when I don’t really feel like it and still feel sad. And a bit of an idiot.”
“Of course! Wear this hat.”

“Thanks but I still looked a grinning idiot. And I’m no happier.”
“Try flipping a coin as you walk down the street. Take the hat off.”

“I lost the coin. And my wallet. So I can’t afford to buy any more lobster. Sad.”
“Save up! Save up for lobster!”
(Sponsored by the LMB)

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