I want to f*** in love with you again

just to f*** again what I f*** back then

we could go see a f***

or sit in front of the f***

I could cook you some f***

and go back to the f***

I want to f*** in love with you again

because once is never enough

Your words burned

Your words burned.
“We need to talk” scorched,
“It’s not you” set my blood to seethe
all those words about finding yourself
were fiery nails through my heart.
One day I hope
a “maybe”, “perhaps another try”
will extinguish flames and salve again the steaming wounds.

A bonfire?

Shall we have a bonfire, you ask? A bonfire, yes, an excellent fire that burns bones until our very scaffold of humanity cracks and crumbles into the original dust, and the dogs from the forest when all the people have gone will curl upwind from the embers, backs to the glow, one eye on the darkness….

What? Oh yes. Probably a few sparklers and some toffee apples for the youngsters. Roberta’s bringing quiche.

Many happy

Some or many years ago of course my mum was there. Nine months earlier and the man they called my father had been too. Now both are disappeared, one too soon before the other, and the counting of the years wears thin.

The best thing remain the candles – if you forget the jokes about the fire risk and the firemen and now the fire service. Each candle stands for a memory, a year that has passed or a friend, and calmly shines its light into the future. The more candles on the cake, the brighter the light they cast, the better they show us what is to come.

Though, through fear, we may not want to know. So we blow out the candles and pinch out the stubs and blow away the memories and shade out the light. The future is arriving fast enough; I do not want to see it.


The cold fire of fear flared in his eyes. I stared back through the airlock, fixing my eyes on his until life was gone and he drifted backwards, falling away from the ship. He was gone. “I have saved the ship,” I said. Suddenly his body flared. “That’s impossible!” said the tall one standing next to me. As I touched him he too flared and fell in a pile of ash. The last two fired their weapons at me. My body soaked up the energy. “I have saved the ship,” I said. “Not the crew.” I reached out my hand.