Flames danced

The stranger looked past Kelly as the fire cleaned, hollowed, scoured the building. Flames danced in his dark eyes.

Kelly could not look away. The flames flickered higher and higher, the spinning blue lights behind her lit and shadowed his face.

Later, the sun coming up behind him darkened his face. The fire was dead but still they stood there, flames in his eyes still flaring.

He pulled the hood closer. He lifted her cold hand to his lips and blew gently on it. Time stopped. Blackness.

The stranger’s fingers were still linked with hers, the sun still rising. He began to walk away from the black dead building. Kelly followed and they ran side by side, fingers still locked together.

On the wasteland beyond the not yet burnt buildings they stopped, breathed heavily, the flames in Kelly’s eyes reflected in the stranger’s.

“Gonna do another one the mornin’?”

Unicorn to dragon rock 4

Unicorn to dragon rock 4.
[Ooh, say the crowd.]
Rock stands.
Wanderer to dragon rock 3.
[A hissing of breath.]
Wanderer staff strikes dragon rock 2.
[Another intake of breath, quieter this time.]
Staff strikes dragon rock 1.
[Near silence, glances around the arena.]
Dragon rock 1 shifts.
Dragon! Dragon enters the arena!
[Screams. Scrambling.]
Fire! Fire! Dragon fire!
[Screams. Silence.]

No cape, no escape

No cape, no escape. The words thundered round his head. No cape, no…. The flames crackled, snapped. The smoke choked his thoughts and watered his eyes. Adults screamed as the 5-year-old carefully climbed onto the window ledge, his baby brother tight in his arms. And again when he jumped, eyes squeezed shut. Later, when it was quiet and he was alone with the smell of smoke, he knew he would not need his cape again.