Ideas (automatic 1)

I pressed the same button over and over again and my phone wrote this.

Hi I hope you’re doing good I’ll see if I have any more ideas to come to you see if I have any more ideas I have let you guys have any ideas on what the future of the future would like for me and you

Something’s happened on the bus

Upstairs on the bus a man is speaking on the phone.

– Hello? Yes. Something’s happened on the bus.

The person in the seat behind him looks up suddenly.

– Something’s happened on the bus.

More people look up. Glances and frowns are exchanged.

– Yes, something big. Something really big.

People sitting near him at the back of the bus begin to stand up and move purposefully towards the stairs.

– It’s really important.

People at the front of the bus hear the commotion and begin to stand up. They do not know why. There is no panic yet.

– I have to tell you now. Later will be too late.

Now everyone is on their feet and people are starting to push. At the bottom of the stairs someone stumbles and falls.

– I’ve realised I love you.

Blue irises

Dev’s failing eyes read the news on his phone. ‘I was painting blue irises in my garden this morning.’ And immediately he was there again, in the sunshine garden, watching her as she painted, her blue eyes fixed on the flowers, her back curved, her shape taut.

He blinked away the memory and focussed on the screen again. ‘I was planting blue irises in my garden this morning.’

It was not her, of course it was not. It was her daughter’s daughter in her red sweatshirt. It was the past now again in his present. As she had always been. And now, now, she was planting the bulbs for the future, the future he had hoped they would see.

When Death came to the queue for the new new phone

When Death came to the queue for the new new phone, he was kind and gentle, and explained,one by one, that they wouldn’t be needing a phone any more, that they could leave the old one there, on the pavement, for someone else to take. They wouldn’t need apps or maps any more, no need to connect or wait for connection any more. Now they would be comfortable alone, still dreaming of together. Until the dreaming stopped. So kind, so gentle.