Rosanna and Carlino: Scene 1 – in the classroom

Rosanna is a kindergarten English teacher in Italy. There are nine or ten children in the room, all doing different things until she calls them to her. She is sitting on a low chair and has a colourful book on her knees.

Rosanna: Children, come, come. Bambini, venite.

The children gather round and after some pushing and scuffling all sit cross-legged around her.

Rosanna: Look! Look! Who is? Who is? Guardate? Chi è? Sapete chi è?

Children: Shouts of ‘Sì’.

Rosanna: It’s the wolf! Look, it’s the wolf! Sì, sì, è il lupo. See his eyes! What big eyes! What black eyes! Che occhi grandi, no? Avete visto che occhi? Carlino had such eyes. Such deep black eyes. He looked at me and I was lost. I forgot he was the wolf. Che occhi….

The children look at one another as Rosanna’s voice tails away. She touches her eye with the tip of a finger. FADE

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